• Alphonso Barnum received Christ in 1998

  • Posted on February 20, 2016
  • In 1998, Mr. Alphonso Barnum received Christ as his personal savior. He joined ushering to have more responsibilities in the service of God. He was a keen and attentive to details servant and always desired to give back to the community. He was made the president of the Ushers almost immediately having shown qualities of a good and humble leader.

    Alphonso is a minister of God who preaches the Gospel to communities. Alphonso began his ministries called End Times Praise in 2000, and he attended the International Fellowship family Worship Center in 2002 where he obtained his authority as God minister. Mr. Barnum carries on to minister in his community helping them develop a personal relationship with God.
    His experience in entrepreneurship is huge, over 20 years. He is knowledgeable in the matters of entrepreneurship and general business management.

    Entrepreneurship Studies shows a high positive correlation between somebody entrepreneurship engagement and personal wealth. For example, in the US entrepreneurs are less than 9% of the households but hold almost 40% of net worth. The explanation for the phenomenon is that credit constraints present a critical hindrance to entry for the individuals with less wealth.

    However, most experts don't understand how the constraints become entrepreneur’s impediments especially in advanced and stable economies where firms or persons have sufficient capital access. However, despite the effect of lessening the entrepreneurship constraints to credit, the degrees are small, and the results paint a bad picture of the extent constraints financing is important in settings with dynamic credit markets and the mitigation role played by home equity.

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